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Commercial Cleaning for Better Employee Productivity and Health

a healthy office is a really productive office

One of the biggest productivity challenges and financial impacts workplaces face every year is low staff productivity and absenteeism. Both are costing Australian businesses billions of dollars. Studies have shown that much of this can be pinpointed to unclean and un-inspiring work environments. And often the biggest culprits for it are toilets and the office kitchen/tearoom. Both can make staff unhappy using them.

scratchy loo paper can send productivity down the drain

It’s the little things that can make workers unhappy. Everything from cheap, scratchy toilet paper, below average washroom hygiene, dirty coffee machines to gross, smelly office fridges. The last two encourages staff to leave the office for their coffee and to buy their lunch too. Dissatisfied employees can negatively affect a business. They typically lack motivation, perform poorly and can possess negative attitudes creating a toxic work culture.

flu season is loss making season

During the cold and flu season (which seems to go beyond the winter months now) staff take their entitled sick days. This effects deliveries, deadlines and client servicing levels, along with other critical day-to-day business functionality. Staff who remain ill in the office, work slower and are at a higher risk of passing their germs to co-workers by using phones, photo-copiers, door handles and shared common areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

we’ll help clean up your workplace wellbeing

From our years of experience of commercial office cleaning, we see the costs that affect businesses that a poorly cleaned office has on those who work in it. So we’re on a mission to help boost workplace productivity, reduce absenteeism and make workplaces a cleaner, happier place to spend 8 or more hours a day in.

office hygiene plans help create better workplaces

We’re cleaning up business for the better of everyone working in it with our office cleaning services. Our DNA and cleaning philosophy keeps us 100% focussed on creating better workplaces that are cleaner, healthier and happier. We work with you to create a hygiene plan and system that delivers on your business objectives. By planning, creating and implementing a new hygiene culture in your workplace, your office wellbeing can be brighter which helps reverse the trend of low staff productivity and absenteeism due to an unhygienic workplace. Ask us how our corporate office cleaning can make a difference to your business.

create a more productive and healthier office: 10 things you must ask your current cleaner

If you think your workplace is clean, there’s a pretty good chance it may not be. And that could be affecting your workplace productivity and the number of staff sick days which could be costing your business and eating into your profits. We’ve put together ‘10 things your current cleaning provider should be doing’. Download it and ask them. Then ask us for a quote. We’ll even give you a free office boutique hand sanitizer.

free office boutique and customised hand sanitizer ​with every commercial cleaning and office quote - 600ml valued at $15!*

*Free hand sanitizer gift only available for quotes in the Brisbane metropolitan area. Postage included in free gift offer.

commercial cleaning zero interest payment plan

Get a more hygienic, healthier and productive office. Using PayRight for your commercial cleaning, and applying under your own name as a sole trader or small business owner, you could enjoy a zero-interest payment plan that helps with your business cash flow.

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