Dew Drop Instant Air Freshener


Dew Drop Air Freshener will combat odours in your office, bathroom, bedroom, shoes and any other area that needs deodoriser. Have you ever wondered how to ensure your home or office smell fresh and crisp? Perhaps the office washrooms need a little help with after-scent? Here is your answer! Dew drop is a great smelling, purposely formulated product which lasts and lasts as you only need 1-2 sprays per room for that clean fresh feeling. Dew Drop Air Freshener instantly counteracts odours while leaving a lingering fresh fragrance. For use all around the home, office simply spray high into the middle of the room and let dew drop work it’s magic to eliminate bad smells.


Dew Drop air freshener is specially formulated to instantly counteract odours while leaving a lingering fresh fragrance. Use Dew Drop in all areas of your home or office for a fragrant and fresh scent. Dew Drop’s long lasting and lingering fragrance will enhance your space and keep things smelling fresher for longer. Dew Drop is a fragrance that smells great in Summer months for that uplifting feeling or cooler months when you want that warm fresh scent through the house.  Even after cooking, spray a little Dew Drop in key areas in your home and you’ll find your home smells fresh again in no time.


Spray 1-2 times into the air in the centre of the room or onto surfaces where odours are noticeable. For larger areas use proportionately more.  Do not spray directly onto fabrics at close range, but into the middle of the room for a lasting effect.

Star Tip: Pour a little Dew Drop Air Freshener into a mop bucket to enhance the fragrance throughout your space.



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