Sheer bathroom cleaner

Sheer Bathroom cleaner is blended for domestic use as a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner bringing your glass shower screens to life.  Using Sheer will remove much of the water marks if used on a regular basis. Sheer will achieve a truly beautiful result on hard to tackle areas.


Sheer contains plant acids and orange so it is not recommended for use on Marble or Terrazzo, Granite or natural stone surfaces. Furthermore, Sheer is not intended for use on porous or delicate surfaces.


Apply Sheer with gloves and wipe/sponge or foam spray carefully to entire surface area and then scrub area with a sponge.

Leave for five minutes and rinse the area well with potable water. Repeat the cleaning process regularly so you achieve the desired result.

Sheer is suitable for basins and shower screens, shower tiles and laundry tubs including other stainless steel and hard surfaces.

Star Tip: Spray on steel kitchen sinks and laundry sinks, wipe, rinse and polish dry for a shiny clean look.