Sparkle multi purpose cleaner

Sparkle multi purpose cleaner is  specially formulated for use on surface areas where speedy manual cleaning is required such as metal furniture, table tops, walls, showers, hand basins, vinyl upholstery, terrazzo and ceramic tiles and floors. Blended for use as a spray and wipe multi purpose cleaner for a variety of surfaces so old looks like new again.  A general cleaner needs to smell great so we’ve scented Sparkle softly with a light fragrance to enhance your space.


Spray Sparkle Multi purpose cleaner about 15cm from the surface holding the bottle facing the nozzle downwards directly to targeted area. Let it sit for 5-10 seconds before wiping with a clean cloth to achieve a sparkling clean surface. For use on floors add 50mL to your mop bucket with hot water.

Star Tip

Add 30mL to your tradies uniform wash as great degreaser.